“Anne & Frank” Bakery to Change Name in Light of Protests

29 Aug 2018

A recently-opened Amsterdam bakery called “Anne & Frank” will change its name following widespread online criticism. The bakery opened earlier this month not far from the Holocaust-era hiding place of Anne Frank and her family. The proprietors received thousands of angry comments on Twitter and other social media after trying to establish their presence. Online commenters found it tasteless to reference Anne Frank in the bakery’s name.

Anne & Frank owner Roberto Barsoum removed all the words from the sign except “bakery.” He has said that he will officially change the bakery’s name with the chamber of commerce.

“I was afraid the name would cause anger, that people would think I was trying to exploit the name for commercial purposes,” Barsoum said. He later decided that “it’s a good name, a sign of protest. I don’t think it’s an abuse personally of the Anne Frank name. And it’s such a small shop, it’s not like it will make anyone a millionaire.”

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