Airbnb Removes Listing That Would Not Tolerate Zionism

31 Jul 2018

Airbnb has removed a Chicago-area listing after a renter posted a prohibition on expressions of Zionism.

“This apartment strives to be a safe space,” the listing read, “no sexism, homophobia, zionism, racism, classism, transphobia, xenophobia, fatphobia, or other hatred and prejudice is tolerated.”

New Yorker Suzanne Vega first posted the listing on Facebook, expressing concern. It was subsequently reposted on Twitter with the comment, “Ironic how they prohibit any form of prejudice and discrimination EXCEPT if you’re #Zionist.”

“What does it entail?” Vega asked. “I can’t say anything about Israel, I can’t say anything about being Jewish?” She also noted, the listing did not prohibit exhibitions of anti-Semitism.

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