After Shooting, CA Gov’t Promises $15 Million for Security

02 May 2019

Following the deadly shooting in Poway, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced plans to allocate $15 million for the State Nonprofit Security Grant Program. This program provides up to $200,000 per recipient in funding for security in private schools, places of worship and other nonprofit organizations.

“We all must call out hate – against any and all communities – and act to defend those targeted for their religious beliefs, who they love or how they identify,” the Governor stated in a press release. “An attack against any community is an attack against our entire state – who we are and what we stand for.”

Teach CA, a project of the Orthodox Union, advocates for equal funding to private schools and institutions in California. The project has been pushing for increased security funding for at-risk institutions since 2016, specifically calling to increase the State Nonprofit Security Grant Program.

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