Who will answer the call?

Who will answer the call? What if the most important call of your life came and you did not answer? What if you did not hear the ring? What if you did not even know it came?

I’m at my favorite event of the entire year right now, NCSY Yarchei Kallah. A record 226 public school NCSYers have given up their winter breaks to come to bleak and miserable weather in Stamford Connecticut and they are happy to be here because they came for the most powerful learning program that exists anywhere! My favorite part of Yarchei Kallah is when I give my class on the book Derech Hashem (the Way of G-d) as an optional class after the day is over. Last night 40 kids showed up voluntarily and where totally involved asking questions at every step for two hours! I can’t begin to describe the pleasure I feel in sharing my favorite book with these very eager young Jewish teens.

How would you like to have the same feeling? WE NEED YOU TO ANSWER THE CALL!

There are hundreds of NCSY alumni in college and beyond who have asked us to find someone to learn with them by phone or by skype 1 time per week or even once every other week and we have no one to learn with them. The last time I asked for this a few of you volunteered but we need hundreds of Partners to learn Torah with our alumni from our birthright trips, public school clubs and other similar programs.

Please volunteer at www.partnersintorah.org/ncsy today!

Have an awesome Shabbos,

Rabbi Dave