The Happiest and Saddest Day in My Life So Far

Yesterday was the happiest and saddest day in my life so far.

Marrying my oldest son Levi to my newest daughter Nechama was a feeling beyond elation. I can’t describe it. I keep telling all my friends that if I knew it would feel this good, I would have done it a long time ago.

What made it so amazing that I was on such a high was the fact that I was weeping uncontrollably an hour before when I found out that I had lost my second mother and my personal example of a great woman of Israel, Miriam Lowenbraun.

Miriam was instrumental in teaching and demonstrating for both Chani and I how to have an open home, a beautiful family and a strong marriage. I find myself constantly shifting between unbelievable pleasure and unbelievable pain. The common denominator that combines them is an overwhelming unbelievable feeling of Love.