Tribute to Frank Nutis

I'm going to Columbus tomorrow and for the first time in the 15 years since I've know him, I won't be sharing a Dvar Torah with Frank. However if I was, I'd start off by sharing what my son said at our table last Friday night because I know he'd enjoy it. I always call on my kids to share words of Torah on Shabbos, and I would like to share some words from my son Avromie. He said that in this week’s Torah portion (Parshat Bo), the Gematria (numerical value) of Bo is 3 and that there are three Makot (plagues) in Bo as well. The knowing smile on his face is still engraved in my mind. Then my son Tzvi gave a mischievous twinkle in his eye and said that the Gematria of Bo is 3, and Bo is the third Parsha in the book of Shemos (Exodus). Now how is that for $20,000 each in Yeshiva tuition?

Frank always had a knowing smile and a mischievous grin. When everyone else thought something was impossible he just went and got the job done. How many new Americans are living a very full and satisfying life as committed Jews because Frank knew they could?! How many of those Columbus Jews that no one thought would ever want to spend an hour learning Torah even once came to his office every week for some lunch and Torah from a talented stable of Frank's biggest fans not once; but, every week?!

This month's issue of Alumni News is dedicated to Frank's confidence in all Jews and in the Jewish people's ability to accomplish everything we set our minds on. I ask you to in his memory to take one action that you know is the right thing to do and get it done no matter what stands in your way. Don't worry, you'll have Frank on your side!

Have an awesome Shabbos,

Rabbi Dave