SPIRIT Presentation Information

16 Jun 2023

Dear SPIRIT Presenter,

Thank you for agreeing to present at an upcoming SPIRIT presentation.  Please complete the form below so that we can adequately promote your presentation.  When the promotion has been prepared, you will receive the link to view it.  Please use the registration link included to register (everyone needs to make a separate registration), which will provide you with the Zoom link for the day of the presentation.  Presenters should log in 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the presentation so that video/audio, etc. can be checked.  If you prefer to do this earlier, just let me know.  Not a problem!

If you are using a PowerPoint that has any graphics, make sure that you “own” the graphics and are allowed to share them online.  You can also find graphics on copyright-free sites.  Graphics cannot be used from Google without checking the use of licensing/ownership.

Feel free to contact me for any questions at steinigj@ou.org or 646-248-0743.

Thank you again!

Rebbetzin Judi Steinig
Senior Director, OU Department of Community Projects & Partnerships
Coordinator & Host, SPIRIT Initiative

SPIRIT Presentation Information

2nd presenter (if more than 1 presenter for program)
3rd presenter (if more than 2 presenter for program)
Please provide a few bullet points or 1-2 sentences of description
Will you be using a PowerPoint Presentation?(Required)
Any graphics/video/audio in your powerpoint must be owned by you or taken from a copyright-free source. We cannot archive presentations that have materials that has not been obtained properly. Please indicate that the material in your PowerPoint is owned by you or from a copy-right free source.(Required)
Please provide contact info that can be provided for viewers to follow up with you.