Young Israel of Deerfield Beach Joins the OU Synagogue Network

13 May 2015

The Orthodox Union has announced that Young Israel of Deerfield Beach has been accepted as a new member synagogue, joining hundreds of other synagogues throughout North America that enjoy the benefits of their affiliation with the OU.

The announcement followed the approval of the OU’s Synagogue Standards Commission, which acted on the recommendation of the organization’s Executive Committee.

The synagogue is located at 202 Century Boulevard.

Martin Nachimson, president of the Orthodox Union, explained, “Young Israel of Deerfield Beach  had expressed its wish to be part of an active Jewish organization which will be advantageous to the growth of its congregation and the Deerfield Beach Jewish community. It is a vibrant and growing synagogue looking to work together with the Orthodox Union.”

OU Executive Vice President Allen Fagin declared, “We are delighted to welcome Young Israel of Deerfield Beach as a new member of the Orthodox Union synagogue network. Young Israel of Deerfield Beach is an outstanding institution making a profound impact on the community, and we look forward to continuing our active collaboration with them in the areas of programming; outreach; advocacy and synagogue operations.”

Rabbi Yisroel Edelman, the synagogue’s spiritual leader, declared, “The Young Israel of Deerfield Beach is looking forward to our partnership with the OU. The impact the OU has brought to Jewish communities throughout the country through its outreach and educational resources is enormous and we anticipate the same for our community in Deerfield Beach as well.”

Rabbi Judah Isaacs, director of the OU’s Department of Community Engagement and Synagogue Services, stated, “The OU is honored to welcome the Young Israel of Deerfield Beach as a member of the OU Synagogue network. Belonging to the OU links members of Young Israel of Deerfield Beach to a national network of Orthodox congregations and access to the various agencies of the OU, including NCSY; OU Advocacy; Yachad/National Jewish Council for Disabilities; OU Kosher; and, of course, the OU’s Department of Community and Synagogue Engagement.”

Yehuda Friedman, associate director of OU’s Synagogue Services, shared, “We are grateful for the partnership with the new OU member Synagogues and look forward to providing the synagogue leadership with meaningful tools and services to help strengthen congregational life.”