Yehuda Friedman Announced as OU Regional Director of Long Island and Queens

10 Mar 2016
New OU Regional Director Yehuda Friedman
will represent Jewish communities throughout
Long Island and Queens.

In its new initiative to reach out to Jewish communities across various regions throughout the United States, the Orthodox Union’s Department of Community and Synagogue Services has announced the appointment of Yehuda Friedman as its regional director for Long Island and Queens to work with synagogues and communities in these areas.

In addition to his new position, Yehuda will continue in his role as the OU’s Associate Director of Synagogue Services.

OU National Vice President and Chair of the Commission on Community and Synagogue Services, Barbara Lehmann Siegel of Silver Spring, Maryland, stated,  “The synagogue is the cornerstone of Jewish spiritual growth, social connection, educational development  and of deepening Jewish identification and commitment.Yehuda, the OU’s first Long Island-Queens area regional director, will serve as its ‘ambassador’ to strengthen bonds between the OU, as well as to deepen the relationships among the region’s various shul communities.”

Rabbi Judah Isaacs, director of the OU’s Department of Community and Synagogue Services, added, “The OU aims to bring to the entire network of Orthodox synagogues and communities positive vitality, shared resources, programming ideas, and solutions to varied challenges. We deliver strength in numbers and are a respected, powerful voice in the political arena.  Yehuda will listen, ask and learn from the region’s rabbis and lay leaders, to help determine their communities’ and synagogues’ individual challenges and needs.”

Rabbi Isaacs continued, “Yehuda brings a gravitas and depth to the position that will no doubt be well-respected by the community at large as well as by our OU community. By virtue of his extensive experience, he certainly understands the demands, needs and challenges of synagogue rabbinic and lay leaders. He knows that our goal is to forge productive relationships with those leaders by offering the full menu of support that the OU’s Community and Synagogue Services provides its member shuls.

“His work will also enhance the crucial role of the shul as the gateway to the broad range of OU programs and services,” Rabbi Isaacs continued. “And we are certain that by being our ‘man on the ground,’ Yehuda will be able to forge robust relationships with the Jewish communities in the region.”

Mrs. Lehmann Siegel agreed. “Yehuda can help strengthen the role of the synagogue in the lives of the congregants, and will open the gateway to the wide range of OU services that run the gamut of support for all ages and backgrounds. His personable nature, his enthusiasm and depth of experience augur well for deepening relationships within both the OU family and the general Jewish community.”

Yehuda Friedman works with synagogue presidents, boards and executive directors throughout North America to strengthen synagogue life by providing professional development resources. Prior to joining the OU, Yehuda was an associate at a major investment bank. He holds a BS in marketing and Management from Touro College. Yehuda and his wife Lori live on Long Island have one son, Ethan.