Yachadgifts.com Announces Rosh Hashana Packages For a Sweet New Year

05 Sep 2014
New Year Elegant Pedestal Gift Set

With summer on the wane and the Jewish New Year just around the corner, Yachadgifts.com has announced themed, custom and ready-made Rosh Hashana gift baskets tailored to fit every budget. The delicately wrapped packages range from $7 to $149 for a grand treat collection which includes a pedestal cake plate and coordinating plate server, chocolates, cookies, a fruit platter, a fig preserve, tea cases, and honey. Other sweet and delicious assortments include baskets of wine, fruit, candy, and honey, all of which are packaged and distributed by Yachad members.

Rosh Hashana will be observed this year on September 25-26.

Take a Busy Bee Break Rosh Hashana Kosher Gift Set

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