Yachad’s PowerPoint Purim Brings Megillah To Life for an Inclusive Experience

10 Mar 2016
Video still from Yachad Purim PowerPoint trailer

Purim. The very word connotes a day of masks, merrymaking, and feasting on home-baked Hamantaschen containing fruity exotic fillings. It is also a time when Jews from across the world from near and far will gather to fulfill the mitzvah of Megillat Esther as it retells the story of the Persian Queen with her secret identity and how she saves her people at the risk of her own life.

Yachad, in its mission to achieve Inclusion for individuals of all abilities in this uniquely experiential Purim activity, will once again be offering its Purim PowerPoint Megillah presentation free of charge to synagogues, schools, and community centers interested in promoting Inclusion for all who wish to be part of the mitzvah of listening to the Megillah. The presentation is directed at the deaf and hard of hearing; the visually impaired; children with focusing and attention challenges; and the elderly.

The PowerPoint displays visuals to explain the story and to signal cues, such as noisemaking upon seeing Haman.

Purim begins Wednesday night, March 23.

Now in its ninth year, the PowerPoint presentation uses visual aids to indicate when to stamp out the name of Haman. Already, more than 750 shuls and schools from Taiwan (yes, Taiwan!) to Teaneck have signed up for the program, as well as the Orthodox Union’s Seif Jewish Learning Initiative program on 21 university campuses across North America.

Says Batya Jacob, Director of Educational Support Services of Yachad, “As we recently concluded Yachad’s North American Inclusion Month (NAIM) in February, we are now focusing on continuing its mission throughout the year in including all members of our community regardless of their abilities or disabilities.  The Megillat Esther PowerPoint program allows synagogues, schools and community centers to open their doors to every person who would like to be part of the joyous community celebration of Purim.”

The presentation includes enhanced animated graphics, making the megillah reading even more interactive and visually appealing. The slides may also be edited and other pictures can be inserted in the presentation. Some congregations use pictures of their members with costumes or groggers.

Click here to view the trailer of the Purim PowerPoint presentation.

To receive your copy of the Purim PowerPoint Presentation disc or for further information, call 212-613-8376 or email naim@ou.org.