www.ou.org Welcomes Chanukah With New, Innovative features

12 Dec 2008

The e-cards are available by visiting community.ou.org/Chanukah_ecards; those who register have the choice of over ten different Chanukah designs to send to family and friends. E-cards from the OU were first introduced this past Rosh Hashana; now, they will once again be offered for the festival of lights.

The virtual gifts will be offered during the eight days of Chanukah. People can simply fill out their e-mail address, select an option from several different online gifts, such as “joy” or “love,” and send it to whomever they wish – as long as they know their e-mail addresses.

“The OU is excited to be able to offer something new to community members for Chanukah,” declared Eliezer Edelman, National Director of Administration and Management. “We hope that people take advantage of the many fun features we are offering and that the whole family can enjoy them together.”

In an era of flashy toys and expensive electronics, it’s a simplified way still replete with meaning and affection to let someone know you care. In addition to those two options, the OU website is again offering its usual holiday fare: popular Chanukah recipes, such as doughnuts and latkes, inspiring Chanukah stories, and Chanukah-themed quizzes that will test people on their knowledge of the holiday’s story and history.