World’s Largest Kosher Food Certification Agency Confirms that Kosher for Passover Products will not be Impacted By COVID-19

23 Mar 2020

NEW YORK – Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher, the world’s largest kosher certification agency, has confirmed that the supply chain for kosher for Passover food has not been disrupted due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

OU Kosher is certifying more than 7,400 products for Passover 2020, which are available both in the United States as well as overseas. Despite the long lines and panic shopping taking place at grocery stores around the country, there is an abundance of kosher food available for the upcoming holiday, according to the organization.

“Kosher for Passover food products were produced at the end of the 2019 calendar year and shipped shortly thereafter,” said OU Kosher CEO Rabbi Menachem Genack. “As a result, there will not be any problem accessing kosher for Passover products.”

“Additionally, food manufacturers are continuing to produce food during this time and we have been assured by our clients – including Manischewitz, Empire, Kedem and others – that there is plenty available and that there is no issue with food production for Passover,” added Genack.

OU Kosher puts out the country’s leading kosher for Passover product guide each year. Click here to access the 2020 guide:

OU Kosher, the world’s largest kosher certification agency, certifies more than 1 million ingredients in 10,000 plants in more than 100 countries. The agency certifies two-thirds of all kosher-certified foods in the United States. For more information, visit: