Women to Women: Uniting to Change the World

18 Dec 2014
Rachel Frankel

People respond to tragedy in different ways.

It’s just a month since the tragic terror attack in Har Nof at Kehillat Bnai Torah. We lost five tzaddikim and many others were wounded. Everyone feels a tremendous sense of loss and pain.

And now, on the first day of Chanukah, all of Klal Yisrael marked the shloshim for the victims.

An estimated 2,000 women gathered in the Jerusalem Great Synagogue. We didn’t come in anger. We are not demoralized. We responded to this awful tragedy by strengthening ourselves. Our response is to try to become better people.  In the midst of our sadness, we want to make the world better. One day at a time.

I am proud to be part of this large group of women.

Under the banner “Women to Women: United to Change the World,” we celebrate Chanukah: our personal rededication to Torah, Mitzvot, Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael.

The video of this amazing event is now available. It is already being shown in more than 50 communities around the world.

If you would like to organize the presentation of the “Women to Women” video in your community, contact rsegal@ouisrael.org

An MP3 file of the event is also available.

Almost 2,000 were in attendance at event held at the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem.

Mrs. Rachel Frankel, mother of Naftali Frankel הי”ד who was kidnapped and murdered six months ago, acknowledged that while eulogies are not given during Chanukah, it is appropriate to learn Torah.

Referring to her son, she asked, “In terms of eternity, what’s the difference between 16 and 60 years?” Chanukah celebrates the miracle of one day’s worth of oil lasting for eight days. “Life is an endless series of miracles,” she continued. “The idea of celebrating a holiday is to make us aware of miracles. The day after Chanukah helps us recognize the miracles in our daily lives.”

“Six months ago, horrible things were happening. But in the midst of the darkness there was also glory and wonder. Am Yisrael poured out their good will. Everyone felt the need to be together.

“This is the reality of our lives. Let’s use the light [from Chanukah] every day. We can light our days by recognizing the good in each other and the hesed [kindness] that Hashem does. Every minute counts,” she said.

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Rivka Segal is Director of OU Israel Center Programs.