West Coast OU Announces Women’s Torah Network to Continue Longstanding Netivot Programming

18 Sep 2007


The West Coast Region of the Orthodox Union announced today that the women’s education program Netivot, will now operate under OU auspices as the newly formed Women’s Torah Network, in which it will continue offering innovative Torah programming for women of all ages. Netivot, founded and led by Irine Schweitzer, has been running Torah classes for women for almost 10 years.

All classes will now be held at OU Headquarters in Los Angeles, 9831 West Pico Boulevard.

“The 21st century Orthodox Jewish woman has a greater desire for Torah learning than ever before,” declared Rabbi Daniel Korobkin, West Coast Director of Synagogue and Community Services. “The OU is proud to be able to act as a vehicle for more Torah learning within our community for women, and we know that ultimately, the Torah learning of women will raise the level of spiritual growth for the entire Jewish community.”

In a letter to Netivot participants Irine Schweitzer wrote, “I strongly urge you to commit to a year of Torah learning and Torah growing.”

The Women’s Torah Network will present Eliyahu’s Prophecy is Fulfilled: A Coup and Revenge every Monday. This text-based course on the Second Book of Kings will emphasize Hebrew and Rashi skills and include the commentaries of Metzudat Zion, Radak and Malbim, along with others.

On Wednesdays, King David Appears on the Biblical Stage will allow participants to increase their Hebrew reading and comprehension skills through a careful study of the First Book of Samuel and the commentaries of Metzudat Zion, Radak and Malbim, and others.

The charge for each course is $150 and is payable to the OU at the first session.

In addition to courses previously offered by Netivot, to further enhance spiritual growth the Women’s Torah Network will offer Midreshet Yom Rishon, a learning program on many Sunday mornings, to complement the highly successful Kollel Yom Rishon program, which is available to the general public.

For more information and for a full schedule contact OU West Coast, 310-229-9000 ext. 206 or e-mail estherr@ou.org.