UN Posts 12 Upper Managment Positions on OU Job Board

08 Jan 2009

We’re Hiring, Excellent Pay may sound like an anachronism in this time of worldwide economic distress but indeed, it’s a declaration coming from the United Nations that is directed at the OU Job Board. The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs Commission (DESA) has posted twelve jobs on the Job Board, accessible online at www.ou.org/jobs. The Job Board did not solicit the jobs, which came in at DESA’s initiative. The UN is seeking highly skilled candidates for the positions, which range in salary from $138,000 to $182,000.

The Job Board is the OU’s online employment program, which matches job seekers and employers around the world. At the OU’s Biennial National Convention in Jerusalem, its three-day Job Fair drew more than 2,000 English speaking candidates for employment in Israel.

Obviously, the UN noticed.

Michael Rosner, Director of the OU Job Board, declared, “The Job Board was delighted to receive major upper management jobs from the United Nations without solicitation. Companies and organizations have come to realize that the Job Board reaches a constituency of highly qualified and skilled people to fill their open positions.”

“The UN is one of the many Fortune 500 companies and major organizations that used the OU Job Board to find qualified employees. We look forward to receiving jobs from anyone who has a need for hardworking dedicated people to staff and expand their business,” Mr. Rosner said.

The UN is currently filling vacancies around the world. The jobs are:

1. Social Affairs Expert
Duty Station: Addis Ababa/New York
Remuneration: $140,000

2. Chief Medical Officer
Duty Station: Addis Ababa/ New York
Remuneration: $160,000

3. Regional Advisor on Governance and Public Administration
Duty Station: Addis Ababa/New York
Remuneration: $170,000

4. Economic Affairs Officer
Duty Station: Multiple
Remuneration: $145,000

5. Chief, Environment and Sustainable Development Section
Duty Station: Addis Ababa/New York
Remuneration: $158,000

6. Head Nurse
Duty Station: Multiple
Remuneration: $148,000

7. Logistics Officer
Duty Station: Multiple
Remuneration: $138,000

8. Programme Officer
Duty Station: Geneva/New York
Remuneration: $164,000

9. Finance and Budget Assistant
Duty Station: Vienna/New York
Remuneration: $157,000

10. Research Assistant
Duty Station: Santiago/New York
Remuneration: $144,000

11. Programme Operations Expert
Duty Station: Seoul
Remuneration: $167,000

12. Chief of Branch
Duty Station: New York
Remuneration: $182,000

To access full job descriptions, required qualifications and directions to apply, visit www.ou.org/jobs. For further information, call Mr. Rosner at 212-613-8129 or email rosnerm@ou.org.