Time to Saddle Up for this Year’s Yachad Event: A Night at the Races

01 Feb 2006

Yachad is off to a running start with its pre-Purim benefit, A Night at the Races, which will feature a raffle drawing with a grand prize of $10,000. With more than 500 guests expected to attend, Yachad’s annual gala event will be held on Saturday, February 25 at 9:00 P.M. at the Park Avenue Country Club, 381 Park Avenue at 27th Street in Manhattan.

“Yachad,” the flagship program of the Orthodox Union’s National Jewish Council for Disabilities (NJCD), provides unique social, educational and recreational programs for individuals with developmental, learning and physical disabilities.

The program will be hosted and attended by young professionals who are dedicated to supporting the future of Yachad and all of its programs, through an enjoyable evening of fun and activity.

Yachad events traditionally feature an ingenious theme which adds to the excitement of the evening. December featured the “Yachad Oscars” for “dedicated individuals who have consistently delivered outstanding performances on behalf of Yachad/NJCD,” as it was described in the invitation for the event. A year ago, the spring event had a rodeo motif featuring cowboy boots and ten gallon hats. For this year’s event, similar novel attractions are being planned!

“Given their combination of enjoyment and philanthropic giving, Yachad events have become a ‘must attend’ for young professionals who recognize Yachad’s goal of promoting and facilitating the inclusion of all people with disabilities into the Jewish community,” declared Steven Spira, National Chairman of NJCD. “Given the blending of fun and charity, it is no wonder that hundreds of young people attend these events, which have become a highlight of the social calendar.”

This year’s “Jockeys,” or Co-Chairpersons are Cheryl Greene, Gila and Michael Harary, Laura and Jonathan Heller, and Mor and Alphonse Soued.

Basic admission is $100. Registration is available online at www.ou.org. For more information contact Elaine Grossman at 212-613-8350 or email grossmane@ou.org.