This is Not Blarney: OU Certifies Glanbia Ingredient Ireland for Production of Kosher Lactose

12 Mar 2008


OU Kosher announced today that its newly certified company, Glanbia Ingredient Ireland, is producing kosher lactose for baby formulas, with the lactose being supplied to major formula manufacturers in the American market. By working with the OU, Glanbia is able to produce a kosher product without the need repeatedly to kosherize its plant and to modify its production procedures.

Glanbia markets over 240,000 tons of dairy ingredients annually to customers in over 40 countries. Glanbia Ingredients is the largest supplier of lactose to many of these customers, supplying much of their requirement. The Glanbia kosherization was done in response to the decision to provide kosher lactose and other dairy-based ingredients to the kosher food chain.

This corporate success story started several years ago when a leading baby formula manufacturer requested kosher lactose from Glanbia for use in its baby and nutritional formulas. Glanbia did several test productions, exploring various methods which included some production changes, kosherizations, on-site rabbinic supervision, and plant shutdowns. These test runs were costly and production was not up to par.

But with proper planning and coordination with the OU, a program was devised for the company’s plant in Ballyragget, in County Kilkenney, whereby a one-time kosherization was included in the plant’s annual maintenance program, no lost production time was involved, and no production changes were necessary. The OU devised a way to certify all the lactose, whey, whey protein concentrate and rennet casein, as well as other products being produced at the site.
The OU team of Rabbi Yisroel Hollander and Rabbi Abraham Juravel was dispatched to Ireland for several days to supervise the process. This full plant kosherization was accomplished in record time, due to the extremely competent and dedicated staff at Glanbia, as well as the years of experience that Rabbis Hollander and Juravel brought along with them to come up with innovative and practical ideas as to how to get the job done properly and efficiently. Rabbi Juravel is noted for “thinking out of the box” and being able to pull a rabbit out of his hat, to kosherize a factory properly and efficiently.

As Rabbi Juravel reported from Ireland, “In all the years of working in kosher certification, I have never seen such a team effort to get the job done.”
With the cooperation of Glanbia Ingredient Ireland, the OU brought with it the formula for success.

(If any manufacturing businesses are looking for kosher lactose, they should contact Kieran Duggan, Business Account Manager,, Glanbia Ingredients Ireland.)