The OU Tells How to Survive Passover Cleaning

09 Mar 2007


Yes, it’s that time again — to clean your house for Passover! While no one can say that this is a pleasant process, Orthodox Union Kosher Department experts at least can make the process a lot less stressful.

Here with are some hints taken from the OU’s Kosher for Passover website,

•START EARLY – The sooner you begin after Purim, the better it is; by doing a little bit every day, the job is not overwhelming.

•Start with areas where chametz (leaven) does not usually go and declare them off limits until Passover.

•Start buying Passover food items early. Have a place ready to store them.

•In the last week before Passover, indulge in convenience foods and paper plates.

•Clean the oven as early as possible and use only the stove top or toaster oven until Passover. They are well worth the price for ease and speed in food preparation.

•Check with your rabbi for instructions on how to kosher the microwave.

•Invest in a food processor and electric hand-mixer for Passover. They are well worth the price for ease and speed in food preparation.

•Aluminum foil is a great help on Passover – it can cover counters, shelves etc. as well as wrap cooked foods. (For Kosher for Passover non-food items, consult the OU Passover Guide, featured on It is also available for purchase–see below for details).

•Don’t forget to clean brooms, vacuum cleaners, clothing pockets, car and garage.

•Be sure to consult your OU Passover Guide – there are new products every year to enhance your holiday.

•Enjoy having the entire house clean at one time and keep up a cheerful front. You will appreciate Passover more and so will your whole family.

For more information on Passover and for other Passover resources access To order the OU Passover Guide contact or 212-613-8125, or or 212-613-0786.