Teach NYS’s Yosef Kanofsky Named to the NY State Education Department’s CAP and Mandated Services Working Group

09 Aug 2018

New York, NY – Yosef Kanofsky, Director of Government Programs for Teach NYS, a division of the Orthodox Union’s Teach Advocacy Network, was recently named to the State Education Department’s CAP and Mandated Services working group. The group helps the department understand the needs of schools that are applying for these programs.

Teach NYS, along with its coalition partners, has worked to steadily increase CAP and Mandated Services funding for nonpublic schools. In the 2018 budget these programs were funded at $111,633,000 and $74,784,000 along with a $60 million appropriation to close the lag for the CAP program.

“We are extremely pleased to be appointed to this prestigious group of CAP and MSR experts,” said Yosef Kanofsky, Teach NYS Director of Government Programs. “There is no question that our work on these programs with our member schools, both from the policy angle and the application side, will bring a new vantage to continue helping all nonpublic schools.”

At Teach NYS, Yosef Kanofsky focuses on assisting schools with all available government programs. Teach NYS staff is available to discuss these programs and help nonpublic schools ensure that they are receiving the correct amount of funding.

Teach NYS leadership currently sits on the NY State Education Commissioner’s Advisory Council for Nonpublic schools where they help guide the Commissioner on issues of policy and implementation for programs impacting nonpublic schools. They also work with the State Education Department on the implementation of the historic STEM reimbursement program for nonpublic schools. This program, championed by Teach NYS and passed in 2017, was recently increased by 200% in the State budget. Teach NYS maintains a full staff focused on creating and growing programs on the state and local level that deliver substantial funding to nonpublic schools. For more information or to get involved, please contact Yosef Kanofsky at (646) 459-5158 or kanofskyy@ou.org.

About Teach NYS: Teach NYS is part of Teach Advocacy Network, a nonpartisan organization advocating for equitable funding in nonpublic schools that operates in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland and California. Teach Advocacy Network is a project of the Orthodox Union. For more information, visit: www.teachadvocacy.org.