Teach Coalition Unveils New Advocacy Organization, Teach Action Fund, to Elevate Advocacy Efforts Around Equitable and Sustainable Jewish Education

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27 Sep 2023

Leading advocate for Jewish education aims to broaden its policy outreach and impact

Teach Coalition, a project of the Orthodox Union seeking to make Jewish education affordable and sustainable through equitable government funding and resources, announced today the launch of a new advocacy organization, Teach Action Fund. The new nonpartisan 501(c)(4) organization will complement Teach Coalition’s work to ensure every child has access to a quality education, regardless of socioeconomic or religious background, by enabling expanded advocacy efforts, reach and capabilities and more effective engagement with a broader audience of elected officials and decision makers.

“The launch of Teach Action Fund is a natural evolution for us. As we continue in our efforts for better, safer and more affordable nonpublic schools, it is essential we have the power and expanded capabilities that Teach Action Fund provides us,” said Maury Litwack, Founder of Teach Coalition. “Together with our supporters, advocates and legislative partners, Teach Action Fund will continue as we have for the last decade to create positive, vital change for Jewish education and Jewish life overall.”

Teach Action Fund’s membership program starts at $72 per year and will provide exclusive insights and recommendations for members to effectively partner in the organization’s efforts.

Since 2013, Teach Coalition has promoted educational fairness and support for families, teachers and schools. It has helped to deliver billions of dollars in increased support for nonpublic schools nationwide, including over 200 Jewish schools, and has helped strengthen school security and enhanced STEM options in classrooms.

“Teach Coalition has been a transformative advocate for Jewish education for over 10 years,” said Cal Nathan, Teach NYS Board Chair. “As we seek to further accelerate and expand our impact, Teach Action Fund is an exciting next chapter for this organization and our communities around the country, as we continue the fight for sustainable and affordable Jewish education.”

Currently, Teach Coalition and its partners are pursuing a lawsuit on behalf of several California families whose children with special needs have been denied generally available special education resources solely because they attend a religious school.

Looking ahead, Teach Coalition and Teach Action Fund are developing an interfaith coalition to mobilize voices from a broad range of religious backgrounds in support of religious and other nonpublic schools, with a goal of ensuring fairness in education funding nationwide.

For more information about Teach Action Fund, visit teachactionfund.org.


About Teach Coalition

Teach Coalition, a project of the Orthodox Union, is a nonpartisan, multi-state, grassroots movement devoted to advocating for equitable funding for nonpublic schools. Teach Coalition works to make nonpublic schools better, safer and more affordable. Teach Coalition advocates on behalf of approximately 90% of Jewish day school and yeshivah students nationwide and counts more than 90,000 dedicated volunteers, activists and subscribers among its supporters.

For more information about Teach Coalition, visit teachcoalition.org.