Teach Coalition Launches Project Protect, National Team Dedicated to Advocating for and Implementing Government Funding to Protect Jewish Institutions 

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19 Oct 2023

Initiative will Advocate for $1 Billion in the Coming Year Amidst Rise in Antisemitic Incidents in U.S. Following War in Israel 

New York, NY – Teach Coalition, a project of the Orthodox Union dedicated to advocating for government funding and resources for nonpublic schools, today announced the launch of a new security-focused initiative, Project Protect. Building on a decade of experience in this space, Project Protect willtackle the issue of security on multiple fronts – advocating for security funding, and guiding institutions through the application and implementation process to access the funding and resources available to them. The organization will work nationwide alongside every type of Jewish establishment – schools, synagogues, community centers, camps, and more. 

As a part of this new initiative, Project Protect will advocate for $1 billion nationally in government security funding for at-risk nonprofits in the coming year.  

“We must protect our children, our schools, our synagogues, and ensure our Jewish communities remain vibrant epicenters of Jewish life. By creating those paths to funding, and guiding institutions down them, Project Protect will play a vital role in the continuum of Jewish life here in America.” said Maury Litwack, Founder, Teach Coalition. 

Since 2013, Teach Coalition has been at the forefront of advocating for the most significant government-funded security initiatives now reaching Jewish institutions, including yeshivas and Jewish day schools. This includes championing the creation and continual growth of state-funded security programs of at-risk nonprofits across New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Florida, with total government funding support now reaching nearly $500 million.  

“We work with our school members and institutional partners to get a sense of their most pressing security needs.  We then fight for dollars and resources in state capitols across the country to ensure our students and community members are safe,” said Dan Mitzner, Director of Government Affairs, Teach Coalition.   

As a nonprofit organization, Project Protect’s efforts are supported by donations, allowing pricing to remain competitive and accessible for institutions of all sizes. Over the next 100 days, Project Protect aims to raise $5 million to support its timely and vital work.  

“Security is of top concern for every Jewish institution across the country,” explained Elliot Gibber, Chairman, Teach Coalition. “Now more than ever, we need efforts like Project Protect so our children can safely learn in our yeshivas and Jewish day schools, families can attend synagogue, and Jewish communities everywhere can continue to thrive.”  

For more information, head to: https://projectprotect.info/ 

About Teach Coalition 

Teach Coalition, a project of the Orthodox Union, is a nonpartisan, multi-state, grassroots movement devoted to advocating for equitable funding for nonpublic schools. Teach Coalition works to make nonpublic schools better, safer and more affordable. Teach Coalition advocates on behalf of approximately 90% of Jewish day school and yeshivah students nationwide and counts more than 90,000 dedicated volunteers, activists and subscribers among its supporters.