Sweet Mavens Biscotti Now OU Kosher

05 Jun 2013


Sweet Mavens, manufacturer of an award-winning line of tender biscotti, announces that it has been certified kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU). “Becoming certified by the Orthodox Union is the result of the natural marriage of OU’s rigorous standards of food quality and documentation, with Sweet Mavens’ strong commitment to quality ingredients and freshness,” stated Anita Carpene, president and founder of the company.

Established in 2003, and with the name Sweet Mavens (a “maven” in the Yiddish language is one who is knowledgeable about something), it seemed obvious that kosher certification would be a priority for the product. But it was only when Sweet Mavens moved into its own facility that it was able to pursue certification. “We were approached by several rabbinical organizations,” explained Ms. Carpene, “but we quickly realized that the Orthodox Union’s broad acceptance, both nationally and internationally, fit best into our business model.”

“Rabbi Gershon Segal, East Coast OU Kosher rabbinic field representative who conducted the initial inspection, and worked with Rabbi Dovid Rockove, OU Kosher rabbinic coordinator to set up the OU certification, declared, “Sweet Mavens evokes memories of traditional mandelbrot refined with gourmet flavors and confections. The personal devotion of Anita Carpene in every aspect of the creation of the Sweet Mavens delights results in a unique specialty product. Throughout the certification process, Anita demonstrated complete familiarity with all aspects of the operation and her commitment to quality and excellence was obvious.”

Baked in pans, sliced, and baked again, Sweet Mavens biscotti is tender, not hard, and can be enjoyed as a delicious cookie. Hand crafted in small batches, its mantra is “Anything fresher is still in the oven!” Based on a family recipe, the interesting flavor profiles run from the traditional Anise Almond to the newest varieties, Caramel Biscotti dipped in Chocolate, and Sea Salt and Gingerbread Biscotti dipped in Lemon White Chocolate. The Caramel Biscotti with Chocolate and Sea Salt result in a wonderful marriage of sweet and salty, and the Gingerbread Biscotti is reminiscent of true gingerbread, studded with raisins and holiday spices. The lemon white chocolate dip is a perfect finish for the gingerbread, giving it a refreshing citrus flavor.

There is also a No Sugar Added Tropical Orange which appeals to diabetics; seasonal varieties; and two whole grain varieties under the Biscotti Rustica line. The distinctive packaging in eye-catching colors allows consumers to identify their favorite variety by color, which dramatically adds to shelf appeal. The addition of the OU symbol enhances marketability and consumer acceptance at the retail level.

Sweet Mavens has a number of packaging options, including nine-ounce plastic canisters (SRP $5.99-$7.99), individually wrapped, and in bulk. Sweet Mavens’ commercial facility is located in Glastonbury, CT where the company produces its line of Artisan, All-Natural Biscotti, which can be purchased directly or through a distributor, and is available nationally. A complete listing of products along with additional information can be found on the website, Sweetmavens.com. For further information, including distribution, contact 860-490-1407.

Rabbi Gershon Segal is OU Kosher East Coast rabbinic field representative for Sweet Mavens.

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