Statement from EVP Rabbi Moshe Hauer on Continued Terrorist Attacks from Huwara

19 Mar 2023

Today, there was yet another devastating terror attack emanating from Huwara, part of the continuing pattern of daily stonings and shootings targeting civilians. David Stern, an American citizen and former US Marine, was seriously wounded, and other members of his family were harmed. We pray to G-d for their complete and speedy recovery.

We support the efforts of the Israeli army and security services to immediately address this constant stream of attacks, restoring true security to Israelis traveling to and from their homes in a responsible and decisive manner. The notion that Israelis cannot travel safely through towns controlled by Palestinians without fearing for their lives is outrageous and must be addressed.

As the Orthodox Union has done for the past 75 years since the founding of the modern State of Israel, we will continue to pray sincerely that G-d send His light and His truth to its leaders and direct them with good counsel, and that He strengthen the hands of the defenders of our Holy Land, granting them safety and crowning them with victory in their war on terror, bringing peace to the land and everlasting joy to every one of its inhabitants.