State of New York Invests $40 Million to Help Fund STEM Education for Nonpublic Schools

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29 Aug 2023

Total allocations over the first seven years of the STEM teacher reimbursement program reaching a quarter of a billion dollars.

New York, NY – $40 million in vital state funding has been secured for STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) teacher reimbursement for nonpublic schools, benefitting STEM education for grades 3-12 throughout the state for the 2021-2022 school year.

This grant comes thanks to efforts made by community leaders, schools and legislators in Albany, committed to advocating for equitable government funding for nonpublic schools. Since the program’s inception in 2017, it has enhanced nonpublic schools’ STEM education funding every year, with total allocations over the first seven years reaching a quarter of a billion dollars.

“This money is a game-changer for nonpublic schools and students across the state,” said Sydney Altfield, Executive Director, Teach NYS, an organization which advocates for government resources for nonpublic schools. “We are so grateful to our legislative partners and community advocates for fighting alongside us to make this a reality. The funding secured is essential to ensuring our students get the quality education they deserve.”

Across New York state, over 100 Jewish day schools and yeshivas received a total of $12.3 million in funding. This includes a 24% increase from last year, with one Jewish day school whose allocation tripled from last year, and another school receiving close to a million dollars in funding.

Jewish day schools and yeshivas are using this grant money to enhance the STEM education and offerings students receive. This includes the Shulamith School in Cedarhurst, N.Y., which has leveraged funding to cover the cost of higher-quality STEM teachers, helping foster an appreciation for STEM amongst students, and subsequently establishing the school’s popular engineering competition.

“We are grateful to work with Teach NYS to offer the best education to our students,” said Rabbi Moshe Zimberg, executive director at Torah Academy for Girls (TAG) in Far Rockaway. “We have a strong STEM program, thanks in large part to our excellent teachers who inspire and push our students – which we use the grant money to attract and retain.”

Earlier this year, Teach NYS also announced a partnership with SUNY Empire State University and Gratz College, enabling teachers to work towards master’s degrees in STEM education for significantly lower rates. Employing schools of those teachers who complete the program will then qualify for salary reimbursement under the NYSED STEM teach reimbursement grant.

About Teach NYS/Teach Coalition  

Teach NYS, a division of Teach Coalition, has a goal to solve the tuition crisis facing the nonpublic school community. Teach Coalition advocates for equitable government funding for nonpublic schools and counts over 200 schools nationwide as official members. Through direct application assistance, political advocacy, and grassroots activism, Teach Coalition is committed to making nonpublic schools better, safer and more affordable.