OU & Partners Present SPIRIT Programs for Boca Raton and Boynton Beach Retirees, February 17-18

09 Feb 2015

The Orthodox Union’s Department of Community Engagement, in collaboration with partners, will present the “Stimulating Program Initiative for Retirees that Inspires Thought (SPIRIT),” a forum focused on enhancing the educational opportunities for active retirees in the Jewish community. The educational series will take place on Tuesday, February 17 in Boca Raton’s Congregation Torah Ohr, and on Wednesday, February 18 at Anshei Chesed Congregation in Boynton Beach. The program has been organized in collaboration with Congregation Torah Ohr; Anshei Chesed Congregation; and STAJE, a Jewish organization dedicated to making retirement age purposeful and meaningful through Torah lectures and volunteer opportunities.

“The OU recognizes that as the generation of baby boomers leaves their professional responsibilities, they are looking for opportunities for educational stimulation and involvement in community activities,” noted Rebbetzin Judi Steinig, associate director of Community Services at the OU’s Department of Community Engagement. “The goal of SPIRIT is to provide active retirees with opportunities for spiritual and intellectual growth within their community. The initiative took place last year in Boynton Beach and Boca Raton and received wonderful reviews from the participants.  We are looking forward to continuing the program in these communities.”

The SPIRIT program in Boca Raton will be held at 19146 Lyons Road. Featured speakers include Rabbi Steven Weil, OU Senior Managing Director, on “Esther the Psychologist: How a Young Jewish Woman Brought Down the Two Most Powerful Men on Earth”; and Jonas Waizer, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer of FEGS Health and Human Services System, on “Fit After Fifty-Five! Hints for Health and Happiness.” Dr. Waizer will discuss strategies for maintaining strength in both physical and mental capacities, coping mechanisms during tough times, and integrating laughter and humor for a more enjoyable life. Registration fee is $10 and includes lectures and lunch. Reserve by calling Congregation Torah Ohr at 561-479-4049 or emailing torahohr36@gmail.com.

The second SPIRIT program will take place at10683 El Clair Ranch Road in Boynton Beach. In addition to Rabbi Weil delivering his Purim lecture, therapist Aliza Schulman, L.C.S.W., will serve as the featured speaker for the “Fit After Fifty-Five!” strategies presentation. Registration fee is $10 and includes lectures and lunch. Contact hsarnoff@optonline.net for reservations.

For more information about SPIRIT, contact Judi Steinig at 212-613-8188 or email steinigj@ou.org.