Sidebar: ASKOU 10 Kashrut Education Program Draws Rave Reviews from Participants

18 Aug 2010

Hours of classes and days spent on field trips made a major impact on the participants in ASKOU 10, whether they were in the three-week or one-week session. “Over the last few weeks I have seen a lot of what the OU does and how it functions, and have been left awed by the knowledge, professionalism and meticulousness which seem to accompany every facet of its operations,” declared Rabbi Ari Feldstein of Queens, NY in a report he submitted titled, “A Wowed Outsider’s View.”

His opinion was seconded by Rabbi Jake Czuper, also of Queens. “Over the past three weeks, my internship at the Orthodox Union has allowed me to concretely experience the Shulchan Aruch, and I am truly grateful to the OU for aiding me in my quest to really understand the halacha on the most practical level.”

“It was an impressive gathering of bright minds, presenters and participants,” said Rabbi Label Lam of Spring Valley, NY. “I loved the three weeks,” said one anonymous participant. “Amazing,” enthused Rabbi Avshalom Gotlib of Lakewood, NJ. “It was informative, educational, empowering, enjoyable, well-run and organized. Shall I continue?”

Three weeks were not enough for Brooklyn’s Rabbi Ephraim Turner. “The hardest thing for me about this program is that it has come to an end,” he said.

It will be back at OU Kosher in two years to educate another group of stellar young men in the modern practical applications of the ancient laws of kashrut.