Sharona Kaplan of UCLA JLIC to Offer Advice to Young Married Women

17 Aug 2010


Rebbetzin Sharona Kaplan, who, with her husband Rabbi Aryeh, are Torah Educators at the OU’s Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus (JLIC) at UCLA, will present one-hour workshops on Monday, October 11 and Monday, October 18 for married women. The workshops are entitled “Rethinking Basic Needs: Examining the Response to Emotional Needs in the Home” and “Back to the Basics: A Torah Perspective on Intimacy.”

The free programs will be held at private homes, to create the most conducive environment for the discussed topics. They are to be a supplement to kallah classes taken by women before they are married.

The classes will be geared for women in their first years of marriage to address realities of life within that stage. By conducting these programs, Mrs. Kaplan will be going from a community of Orthodox college students, for whom she provides classes and counseling, to young married women like herself.

“We have always felt that taharat hamishpacha has been one of the foundation stones of the Jewish community,” declared Rabbi Adir Posy, Assistant Director of Community and Synagogue Services for the Orthodox Union West Coast division. “Like any other thing of value, it needs to be continuously studied and nurtured. It’s not a one-time thing done before one gets married.”

According to Rebbetzin Kaplan, teaching women preparing for marriage, or becoming a voice for educating about taharat hamishpacha within the Los Angeles communities, hadn’t been on her immediate radar when she first arrived with her husband in Westwood. Six years, four children, tens of questions, dozens of students and a certification training later, she finds herself filling a need in the campus and greater Los Angeles communities: discussing the practical integration of Jewish purity laws and addressing women’s needs in creating a strong, peace-filled home.

“It’s very gratifying to be able to be a voice addressing this important arena of Judaism,” declared Mrs. Kaplan. “The mitzvot associated with building strong Jewish homes are generally not spoken about as openly as a mitzvah like keeping Shabbat, because they are so personal, and can therefore mistakenly be viewed as less essential. I want to correct misconceptions because it really is such a beautiful and integral aspect of a Jewish marriage.”

Rebbetzin Kaplan is a graduate of Yeshiva University, where she received her undergraduate degree from Stern College and Master’s degree from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work. She received her certification to teach taharat hamishpacha from the National Council of Young Israel, and has studied under the guidance of Mrs. Bella Gottesman, a marriage consultant with years of experience in the Los Angeles Jewish community.

For further information, contact the OU West Coast office email or call 310.229.9000.