First Look at Some Topics on Senator Joseph Lieberman’s Discussion “Has American Commitment to Israel Begun to Fray” at Fleetwood Synagogue, Sat. Night, Feb. 6

27 Jan 2016

Former Connecticut Senator Joseph I. Lieberman was known during his Senate days as one of Israel’s strongest supporters.  Over the years he has witnessed a vastly changed situation involving American support for and commitment to Israel. He is going to be asked about these developments in a program that is certain to be memorable to all who attend.

The program, “American Support for Israel – Fading, Firm, or Flourishing: Has the Historically Deep American Commitment to Israel Begun to Fray?” will be held Saturday night, February 6 at 7:30 p.m.

This 13th annual Charles Sidlow Memorial Scholar-in-Residence program will be held at Fleetwood Synagogue at 11 East Broad Street, Mount Vernon. The event will be moderated by Allen I. Fagin, Executive Vice President of the Orthodox Union.

It is anticipated that the Senator will address questions relating to the current relationship between the United States and Israel and strains in that historic relationship; the future of peace negotiations; support for Israel among millennials and on college campuses; the BDS movement; trends in the Jewish community regarding support for Israel; the impact of Iran in a post-sanctions world; and the impact of the 2016 presidential elections on the relationship with Israel in the short run, and longer term.

Rabbi Gedalya Berger declared, “Fleetwood Synagogue invites residents of the community and from throughout the Metropolitan area to an evening of conversation with Senator Lieberman, whose outlook, experience, and expertise provide an informed perspective of unmatched depth on this critical question.”

The Senator will respond to questions presented to him on cards that are collected from the audience.

Because of the anticipated size of the audience, pre-registration at is strongly recommended. For further information, visit