OU’s Rabbi Weil at Young Israel of Scarsdale, 11/21-23

21 Nov 2013

Orthodox Union Executive Vice President Rabbi Steven Weil will be leading an OU Community Weekend at the Young Israel of Scarsdale from Thursday November 21-Saturday November 23 (Shabbat Parshat Vayeishev).

The OU member synagogue is located on 1313 Weaver Street.

Rabbi Weil will be speaking on Thursday night at the home of Barry and Ellen Carron on the topic “Joseph, Freud, and the Talmud’s Analysis of Dreams.” On Shabbat morning he will be delivering his “Life After Pew…” presentation. During seudat shlishit, Rabbi Weil will be discussing “Forecasting A Very ‘Hot’ Winter: An Inside Look at the Combustible Middle East.”

“The Young Israel of Scarsdale is proud to welcome Rabbi Steven Weil to our community this coming Shabbat,” said Rabbi Jonathan Morgenstern. “Rabbi Weil is a leader and representative of the greater Orthodox world. We are eager to hear what he has to say about the pressing issues facing Orthodox Jewry and the Jewish people in the United States and Israel. It promises to be an enlightening weekend.”

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