Rabbi Weil To Speak at Shalhevet High School for Girls on Long Island

25 Dec 2013

Orthodox Union Executive Vice President Rabbi Steven Weil will be giving a lecture at Midreshet Shalhevet High School for Girls in North Woodmere on December 25.

The school is located inside Temple Hillel on 1000 Rosedale Road. Following lunch Rabbi Weil will be delivering a lecture on the topic “Anatomy of the World’s First BDS Movement.”

Says Mrs. Esther Eisenman, principal of Midreshet Shalhevet, “We are delighted to host Rabbi Weil and hear his presentation on the ‘Anatomy of the World’s First BDS Movement.’ Rabbi Weil’s discussion further emphasizes our dedication to Medinat Yisrael and Am Yisrael. Midreshet Shalhevet prides itself on fostering strong feelings of responsibility towards Israel. We invited Rabbi Weil because his position on BDS demonstrates the importance of protecting our country and advocating for a strong Israel, and it is only by educating ourselves and our students on current events and their historical context can we teach the next generation to assume leadership for the future.”

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