OU Senior Managing Director Rabbi Steven Weil to Lead Community Weekend in Long Branch, NJ, July 10-11, Shabbat Parshat Pinchas

18 Jun 2015
OU Senior Managing Director Rabbi Steven Weil.

The Orthodox Union Department of Synagogue and Community Services will present an OU Community Weekend in Long Branch with Rabbi Steven Weil, OU senior managing director, at Congregation Brothers of Israel from Friday, July 10, to Saturday, July 11, Shabbat Parshat Pinchas.

Led by Rabbi Nasanayl Braun, the OU member synagogue is located at 250 Park Avenue in Elberon.

Friday night, Rabbi Weil will speak during a special Shabbat family dinner at the synagogue, discussing “Brave Old World.” Saturday morning, he will give a drasha at the synagogue’s 752 Ocean Avenue satellite location, presenting “The 7th Million Man.” Rabbi Weil will culminate the community weekend during seudat shlishit at the synagogue’s Park Avenue location with a lecture on “Josiah the King; The One Man Who Could Have Prevented the Churban.”

“Congregation Brothers of Israel is very excited to have Rabbi Weil join us for Shabbat,” said Rabbi Braun. “Rabbi Weil is a nationally recognized as an outstanding leader of the Jewish community and as a captivating and inspiring speaker. We look forward to a weekend of learning about the issues that confront the Jewish community on a family level, nationally and internationally.”