Rabbi Weil Returns to Young Israel of Oak Park for OU Community Weekend, September 19-20,

15 Sep 2014

Rabbi Steven Weil, senior managing director at the Orthodox Union, will visit the synagogue and its members where his pulpit career first began, when he presents an OU Community Weekend atthe Young Israel of Oak Park from Friday, September 19 to Saturday, September 20, Shabbat Parshat Nitzavim-Vayelech. The OU member synagogue is located at 15140 West 10 Mile Road.

On Friday night Rabbi Weil will speak about “The Great Reenactment.” During Seudat Shlishit, he will present “The Profound World of the Machzor.” Before the Saturday night Selichot service Rabbi Weil will deliver a pre-Selichot drasha on “The Primacy of the Akeidah in Selichot and Rosh Hashanah.”

Rabbi Weil served the Young Israel of Oak Park for six years, between 1994-2000.

Rabbi Michael Cohen declared, “We are always thrilled at the opportunity to hear from Rabbi Weil; here in Young of Oak Park he is regarded by many as one of our own.  It is always a wonderful opportunity and an eye opener when we listen to his drashot and shiurim.”