Rabbi Weil at EDOS, Shabbat Parah, Parshat Shemini, March 21-22

12 Mar 2014


Orthodox Union Executive Vice President Rabbi Steven Weil will be scholar in residence at the East Denver Orthodox Synagogue (EDOS) from Friday, March 21 – Saturday, March 22 (Shabbat Parah and Parshat Shemini).

The OU member synagogue is located at 198 S Holly Street.

Rabbi Weil will be speaking on the topic “The Prince of Egypt” on Friday after Kabbalat Shabbat services. On Shabbat morning, he will be delivering his sermon “State of the Family.” Following kiddush at the synagogue, Rabbi Weil will be speaking on “What’s Next?” In the afternoon, he will be giving a presentation on “Religion at What Cost?” Following mincha and seudat shlishit he will be giving a talk on “Hypocrisy.”

Said Rabbi Daniel Rapp, “EDOS places great value in its relationship with the OU and to have someone of the stature of Rabbi Weill join us for Shabbos is a great honor.”

Shlomo Fried, gabbai and member of the board at EDOS, explained, “Rabbi Weil’s vast Torah insights and knowledge and his ability to relate to all around him is something that every community should take advantage of.

“Rabbi Weil is known around the world for his leadership and impact on the Jewish community. We have witnessed firsthand on many levels the leadership card that Rabbi Weil brings to the table through his passion, commitment and care for the EDOS community. Not many leaders take the time to really know all the details, and more importantly to create interpersonal relationships. Rabbi Weil’s attention to the Klal is something that EDOS hopes to benefit from for many more years to come.”

Michael Wolfe, president of the EDOS board, shared, “We are very excited to have an individual for Shabbos with a vision for the Denver Jewish Community and for all of Klal Yisrael. We are looking forward to this opportunity from which we are certain we will gain tremendously and that this will be just another wonderful program that we share with our strong and growing relationship with the OU.”