Rabbi Steven and Yael Weil in Jacksonville’s Etz Chaim Synagogue, April 11-12

01 Apr 2014
Rabbi Steven and Yael Weil


Orthodox Union Executive Vice President Rabbi Steven Weil and Mrs. Yael Weil will be leading an OU Community Weekend at the Etz Chaim Synagogue in Jacksonville from Friday, April 11 – Saturday, April 12 (Shabbat Hagadol, Parshat Acharei Mot).

The OU member synagogue is located at 10167 San Jose Boulevard.

On Friday night Rabbi Weil will be speaking on the topic “The Prince of Egypt” between Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv services. Following dinner at the synagogue, he will be giving his presentation on “After the Pew.” On Shabbat morning, he will be delivering his sermon “The Immaculate Deception.” After lunch at the synagogue, Mrs. Weil will be speaking about “The Redeeming Qualities of the Women in Egypt.” In the afternoon, Rabbi Weil will be delivering the Shabbat Hagadol drasha on “Anatomy of the World’s First BDS Movement,” followed by a questions and answers session during seudat shlishit.

Says Rabbi Yaakov Fisch, “We are very honored that Rabbi and Mrs. Weil will be coming to Etz Chaim and our congregation is looking forward and anticipating their lectures. We consider the Weils to be a part of the Etz Chaim family.”


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