Rabbi Steven Weil at Young Israel of Oceanside, May 3, Shabbat Parshat Emor

29 Apr 2014


Rabbi Steven Weil, senior managing director at the Orthodox Union, will be scholar in residence at the Young Israel of Oceanside on Saturday, May 3 (Shabbat Parshat Emor). The OU member synagogue is located at 150 Waukena Avenue.

On Shabbat morning Rabbi Weil will deliver his sermon on the topic “In the Aftermath of the Apocalypse.” In the afternoon he will be giving a presentation on “The Watershed Moment That Defined Ashkenazic Jewry.” During seudat shlishit he will be giving a talk on “Madison Avenue Meets Choshen Mishpat.”

Said Rabbi Jonathan Muskat, “We are very excited to host Rabbi Weil this Shabbat at the Young Israel of Oceanside.  Rabbi Weil truly is one of the outstanding leaders of the American Jewish community and we are eager to gain from his wisdom and perspective.”