Rabbi Steven Weil to Present OU Community Weekend in Springfield, NJ, May 10, Shabbat Parshat Behar

01 May 2014

Rabbi Steven Weil,  senior managing director at the Orthodox Unionwill be scholar in residence at Congregation Israel of Springfield on Saturday, May 10 (Shabbat Parshat Behar). The OU member synagogue is located at 339 Mountain Avenue.

On Shabbat morning Rabbi Weil will deliver his sermon on the topic “Men Are From Mars Women From Venus: The State of Marriage in the Orthodox Community.” In the afternoon he will be giving a presentation on “The Watershed Moment That Defined Ashkenazic Jewry.” During seudat shlishit he will be giving a talk on “Madison Avenue Meets Choshen Mishpat.”

Said Rabbi Chaim Marcus, “Congregation Israel of Springfield is honored to be hosting Rabbi Steven Weil of the Orthodox Union as scholar-in-residence for Shabbat, Parshat Behar. Rabbi Weil’s erudition, insight, and ability to transit Torah truths and to apply them to the vexing contemporary issues faced by a Jew in the modern world, are well-known.  The Springfield community is very much looking forward to his presentations and to benefit from having such an eloquent Torah scholar and ambassador share his thoughts and experiences with us over Shabbat.”