Rabbi Steven Weil to Present OU Community Weekend in Dallas, May 16-17, Shabbat Bechukotai

12 May 2014

Rabbi Steven Weil, senior managing director at the Orthodox Union, will be scholar in residence at Congregation Shaare Tefilla on Friday, May 17 to Saturday, May 17 (Shabbat Parshat Bechukotai). The OU member synagogue is located at 6131 Churchill Way.

On Friday night Rabbi Weil will be giving a speech on “The Prelude.” On Shabbat morning Rabbi Weil will deliver his sermon on the topic “In the Aftermath of the Storm.” In the afternoon he will be giving a presentation on “The Watershed Moment That Defined Ashkenazic Jewry.” During seudat shlishit he will be giving a talk on “Who Can Claim to be a Father?” On Saturday night there will be a cigar shiur on “Religion At What Cost?”

Says Richard Rohan, President of Congregation Shaare Tefilla, “We are very excited about Rabbi Weil’s upcoming visit.  Rabbi Weil is a compelling and engaging speaker, and I know our members will greatly enjoy hearing from him over Shabbat.  Additionally, Rabbi Weil’s vast knowledge of and experience with Orthodox congregations in North America is an invaluable resource to Shaare Tefilla as we are in the midst of a search for a new congregational rabbi.  I anticipate Rabbi Weil will have some words of wisdom for our search committee in that regard.  We look forward to his visit to our community.”