Prof. Grandin is Satisfied With AgriProcessors Slaughter Practices

30 Jun 2006

OU Announces That Prof. Temple Grandin, Foremost Expert on Humane Slaughter, Visits AgriProcessors Plant and Expresses Satisfaction With Practices Now in Effect There.

Responding to an initiative by the Orthodox Union, nationally recognized animal welfare expert Professor Temple Grandin this week toured the AgriProcessors meat processing plant in Postville, IA, which has recently been the subject of criticism from animal rights groups. Accompanied by Rabbi Menachem Genack, Chief Executive Officer of OU Kosher, Dr. Grandin inspected the plant and surveyed the various improvements which have been now put into practice. On the conclusion of her tour, she declared her satisfaction with its methods and its facilities, and agreed to an ongoing relationship in which she and her staff will continue to monitor its compliance with her nationally recognized standards.

AgriProcessors staff reviewed its entire livestock operation with Dr. Grandin and Rabbi Genack, walking them through each stage of the process that involved live animals, from the barn to the processing floor.

Rabbi Genack had invited Professor Grandin, of Colorado State University, to visit the plant in order to give a definitive response to the charges that have been widely publicized. “It is of great importance for us at the Orthodox Union,” said Rabbi Genack, “that the kosher consuming public be reassured that all the practices associated with shechitah, the kosher method of slaughter, are carried out in a humane and appropriate fashion. We are pleased that on an ongoing basis Prof. Grandin will continue to monitor the plant to assure that the standards she found there will be maintained.”