Prayers for Dallas

08 Jul 2016

In response to the horrific assault upon police officers in Dallas, Texas, five of whom were killed, we urge all synagogues to incorporate appropriate prayers into the services this Shabbat.

We ask all synagogue rabbis to address the issue in their sermons, emphasizing our support for police officials in Dallas and throughout the United States, and expressing our appreciation for the efforts of all who strive to assure that law and order prevail in our great country.

Please include prayers for the families of the victims of this atrocity, and for the healing of those who were wounded. Include a prayer for all victims of injustice everywhere.

We must join in all efforts to achieve, not just law and order and security, but the true shalom of which our Prophets speak, a shalom which extends beyond the Jewish people to all humanity the world over.

Rabbi Judah Isaacs, Director
OU Synagogue & Community Services