Portland Teen Groups Launch Jewish Drivers Ed

06 Oct 2011


Since the majority of teenagers take Drivers Ed before getting their drivers license, why not take it with other Jewish teens? This fall, Portland JSU, the organization supported by NCSY that reaches Jewish teenagers in local public schools, is partnering with the Oregon Driver Training Institute to create a discounted Drivers Ed course for Jewish teens. Held at the Portland Kollel, 6688 SW Capitol Highway, the students will enjoy pizza while participating in engaging interactive discussions on the Jewish view of topics related to safety and body image; in addition to the weekly three-hour driving lectures and required driving hours. The course will be offered for up to 30 teens per session.

NCSY | Jewish Youth Leadership is the international youth movement of the Orthodox Union.

The weekly discussions, led by an instructor from JSU, include the Torah’s approach to the value of life; cremation vs. burial; tattoos and piercings; breaking the law (jaywalking, texting while driving); exercising and eating disorders; self-image; standing up for injustice; being a role model; and smoking, drugs and alcohol.

Jewish Drivers Ed also serves as an introduction to Hebrew High PDX, an afterschool program offering additional learning to both public and private school teens throughout the year. Meira Spivak, Director of Oregon NCSY and JSU said, “One of the main reasons students do not attend classes is because they have a fear of the ‘unknown’. By taking Jewish Drivers Ed, teens will get a taste of the Hebrew High experience. It is paving the way for future Jewish education and involvement amongst Jewish teens.”

To get involved with NCSY or JSU, contact Meira Spivak at {encode=”mailto:meiraspivak@gmail.com” title=”meiraspivak@gmail.com”}.

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