Over 1,200 Participants Celebrating the Completion of Nevi’im Achronim as Part of the OU Women’s Initiative Nach Yomi Torat Imecha Series

21 Jan 2021

New Daily Learning Program to Begin Sefer Tehillim Following Virtual Siyum

NEW YORK – An estimated 1,200 participants will be completing Nevi’im Achronim next week with the Orthodox Union Women’s Initiative’s Torat Imecha Nach Yomi series that launched one year ago. The two-part virtual siyum will begin on Tuesday, Jan. 19th. The group will finish the final chapter of Nevi’im Achronim on Friday, Jan. 22nd, and begin the next part of the daily learning program with Sefer Tehillim on Motzei Shabbos, Jan. 23rd.

The virtual siyum, which recognizes the completion of this section, will be celebrated with a papercutting experiential art event from New Jersey-based artist Dena Levie focused around rebuilding Jerusalem, a major theme in Nevi’im Achronim. The following day, Jan. 21st, participants are invited to hear from Israeli educator Raphaella Tabak on “Connection and Continuity: From Mishkan to Bayit Shlishi,” for the second piece of the celebration.

Following the completion of Malachi – the final book of Nevi’im Achronim – the Torat Imecha program will begin Sefer Tehillim, beginning with a live shiur presented by Rabbanit Shani Taragin. The audio shiurim in this series, geared towards learners of all levels, will be given by a world-class roster of female educators and scholars, including: Aviva Feiner (Far Rockaway, NY); Elana Flaumenhaft (Queens, NY); Emma Katz (Chicago, IL); Rachel Kosowsky (Silver Spring, MD); Abby Lerner (Jerusalem, Israel); Sally Mishanieh (Brooklyn, NY); Peshi Neuburger (Bergenfield, NJ); Shifra Revah (Los Angeles, CA); Shulamit Rubin (Brooklyn, NY); Rivka Segal (Jerusalem, Israel); Avigail Shaliachsiboo (Great Neck, NY); Adina Shmidman (Bala Cynwyd, PA); Keshet Starr (Teaneck, NJ); Esther Tokayer (Brooklyn, NY); Tzipora Weinberg (North Woodmere, NY); and Sara Malka Winter (Silver Spring, MD).

“The success of the Women’s Initiative Torat Imecha program has been so rewarding to see. Despite their busy schedules, being able to bring together over 1,200 women of all backgrounds and creating a robust network of learners is a phenomenal fete,” said Orthodox Union President Moishe Bane.

“Sefer Tehillim is our source of comfort, connection, and inspiration,” said Orthodox Union Executive Vice President Rabbi Moshe Hauer. “The new series serves as the perfect entry point for learners of all levels to join this program and gain insight into this timeless, sacred text.”

“The Torat Imecha program has brought together so many women from around the world, and we’re excited to celebrate their accomplishments” said OU Women’s Initiative Founding Director Rebbetzin Dr. Adina Shmidman. “We cannot wait to unveil the next part of this series and we invite those who are not yet part of the group to join us in learning together daily.”

To subscribe to the Torat Imecha shiurum, and to listen to archived podcasts visit: https://www.ou.org/women/nach.

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