OU’s Rabbi Weil to Visit Cleveland, December 1-3

23 Nov 2011


Orthodox Union Executive Vice President Rabbi Steven Weil will travel to Cleveland to serve as Scholar–in-Residence for Shabbat December 2-3, Parshat Vayeitzei. Rabbi Weil will be speaking in Beachwood at the Young Israel of Greater Cleveland, 2463 South Green Road; and at the Green Road Synagogue, 2437 South Green Road.

Additionally, Rabbi Weil will discuss “Deveikut (Clinging to God)” on the evening of Thursday, December 1 for the students of Fuchs Mizrachi School during a school retreat.

At a Friday night oneg beginning at 8:30 p.m. at a private residence, Rabbi Weil will address, “The Two Greatest Challenges Facing Orthodox Jewry in the 21st Century.” He will present “The Nature of the HafTorah,” first at the Young Israel on Shabbat morning, and continue to Green Road Synagogue to give the Shabbat morning drasha on “The State of the Marriage Address.” “The Epic Struggle” will be discussed during seudat shlishit at the Young Israel.

Rabbi Naphtali Burnstein, Rav of the Young Israel of Greater Cleveland, shared, “I am very excited about Rabbi Weil’s upcoming trip to Cleveland. In addition to Rabbi Weil’s talents as a teacher and speaker, on a personal level, I look forward to rekindling an old friendship of more than twenty years. I am sure that our community will gain much from Rabbi Weil’s visit, and his warm words of inspiration and divrei Torah.”

Rabbi Binyamin Blau, Rav of Green Road Synagogue, stated, “We are honored to have such a distinguished guest and key communal leader join our kehillah for the weekend; and we are excited for the opportunity to strengthen the bonds between the Orthodox Union and the greater Cleveland community. It is also a personal treat for us to host Rabbi Weil, who is a colleague and friend harking back to our time together at Yeshiva University.”

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