OU’s Rabbi Kalinsky Returns to Denver as Scholar-in-Residence at EDOS, 2/1-2

18 Jan 2013


Rabbi Alan Kalinsky, Director of the Los Angeles-based West Coast Region of the Orthodox Union, which covers the West Coast of the United States up to Denver and Canada as well, will serve as Scholar-in-Residence at the OU member East Denver Orthodox Synagogue (EDOS) on February 1-2, Parshat Yitro. The synagogue is located at 198 S Holly Street.

Rabbi Kalinsky will give a d’var halacha Friday night before Maariv and a d’var Torah Shabbat morning before Musaf. He will deliver the Shabbat shiur an hour before Mincha, at 3:55 and will speak one last time at Seudat Shlishit, the third Sabbath meal.

This will be Rabbi Kalinsky’s second visit to the EDOS community in a month. On January 14, he flew in with Rabbi Judah Isaacs, director of the OU Department of Community Engagement, and Martin Nachimson of Los Angeles, chairman of the OU Commission on Synagogue Standards, to help the shul board align its strategic vision and mission for the future of the congregation. In addition, there was discussion of how the Orthodox Union could strengthen its ties with the EDOS community and together with the synagogue help build a stronger Denver Jewish community.

EDOS President Moshe Levi said, “We are most excited to have Rabbi Alan Kalinsky back in Denver. After our interactions with Rabbi Kalinsky and Rabbi Isaacs yesterday, I am sure that it will be a great and exciting weekend for the entire EDOS and Denver Jewish Community.”

Synagogue gabbai Shlomo Fried looks forward to a Shabbat of spiritual uplift and words of Torah. “We are thrilled to have Rabbi Kalinsky with us for Shabbat,” Mr. Fried said. “Rabbi Kalinsky’s knowledge and ability to relate to everyone around him is something that every West Coast Jewish community should take advantage of. We are very excited to have as a scholar-in-residence an individual with a broad vision for the Denver Jewish Community and for all of Klal Yisrael. We are very much looking forward to this wonderful opportunity and for everything we will gain from it.”

In his role as OU west coast director, Rabbi Kalinsky serves as a mentor to rabbis and a liaison to OU member congregations. In addition, he serves as a rabbinic field representative for the OU Kosher Division. Prior to assuming his position on the west coast, Rabbi Kalinsky served in several congregations on the east coast; most recently he served as rabbi of the Young Israel of North Beverly Hills.
Rabbi Kalinsky has maintained close ties with the Denver Orthodox community during his years as OU west coast director, and has visited the city on various occasions,
Mr. Fried, the synagogue gabbai, said.
EDOS maintains close ties to the OU and has participated in the Emerging Jewish Communities Fair in New York as a representative of the Denver community, and plans to do so on April 21 when the event is held again. The OU Fair spotlights communities to be considered by Orthodox Jews who are contemplating relocating from the New York Metropolitan Area to areas where the Orthodox community is growing but that are less expensive than life in New York — in other words, Denver!

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