OU’s Rabbi Daniel Korobkin to be Scholar-in-Residence in Palo Alto on March 5-6

24 Feb 2010

Rabbi Daniel Korobkin, OU West Coast Director of Community and Synagogue Services, will be the scholar-in-residence at Congregation Emek Beracha in Palo Alto, the Shabbat weekend of March 5-6.

Rabbi Korobkin will give the morning drasha (in-depth explanation) on the parsha, and he will also speak at 4:30 p.m. before mincha (afternoon prayers), on “Toward Meaningful Prayer: Understanding the Different Modalities of Tefilla.” During shalosh seudot (the third Shabbat meal), he will speak on “Are We Really Jewish? The Khazars and The Ramifications to Ashkenazic Jewry.”

Rabbi Korobkin will also address a Young Adult Shabbaton run by the Jewish Study Network, Palo Alto’s local community kollel (institute of advanced Talmudic studies) directed by Rabbi Joey Felsen and Rabbi Avi Lebowitz.

Rabbi Korobkin declared, “Emek Beracha is the strongest Orthodox congregation in the entire Bay Area and is doing incredible outreach work to the entire Jewish community. Under the great leadership of its spiritual leader for several years, Rabbi Yitzchok Feldman, the congregation continues to flourish and mature. I am looking forward to a very special Shabbos with the kehilla and Rabbi Feldman.”