OU’s Our Way Presents Sixth Annual Power Point Megillat Esther for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

28 Jan 2010

Our Way, the Orthodox Union’s program for the deaf and hard of hearing, presents its sixth annual Power Point presentation of Megillat Esther for Purim, which falls on Sunday, February 28 this year, with the Megillah being read Saturday night, February 27 as well.

Our Way of Yachad/National Jewish Council for Disabilities (NJCD) is dedicated to providing resources, services, and social programming for the Jewish deaf and hard of hearing.

The annual presentation of Megillat Esther, with Hebrew and English side by side through Power Point, allows for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, visually impaired, or learning disabled to have an easily readable format to follow along with a synagogue’s megillah reading. All a synagogue needs is a laptop with a projector and a screen where the disc is shown. The mouse of the computer serves as the place keeper on the screen. Graphics are included, and this year, there is a new option for synagogues to insert their own graphics to accompany the Purim story, allowing for an even more interactive experience.

Batya Jacob, Program Director of Our Way, declared, “This year, Purim falls out in February, which is also Yachad’s North American Inclusion Month (NAIM) to raise awareness for those with disabilities. This Power Point Presentation of Megillat Esther is an easy and phenomenal way for synagogues to be inclusive for the deaf and hard of hearing, visually impaired, and learning disabled. Last year, 175 shuls participated in this initiative, and we hope to have even more this year.”

New synagogues this year include the Lincoln Square Synagogue in Manhattan; Congregation Adat Israel in Middletown, CT; and Kol Shalom, in Rockville, MD. Additionally, there will be a Power Point presentation for students of the Rochester Institute for the Deaf, one of the main college campuses for the deaf in the United States, at an Orthodox synagogue in Rochester.

The software is available for $100. To order a copy or for more information, contact Batya Jacob at 212-613-8127 or jacobb@ou.org.