14 Nov 2017



New York, NY, NOV XX, 2017 – It began as an initiative in 1992 by Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO of the Orthodox Union Kosher Division. Today the OU’s Daf HaKashrus has become one of the most authoritative and respected monthly publications addressing issues of kashrus for professionals and consumers alike. Now in its 25th year, Daf HaKashrus has reached a milestone with the publication of its 250th edition, and continues to be an essential vehicle for communicating up-to-date information about kashrus in these ever-changing times.

The special expanded 250th issue contains many articles from gifted writers and kashrus experts who are current or former Orthodox Union employees. It offers insightful and educational contributions from the publication’s archives as well as current topics, all highlighting and addressing important issues on halachic and technical information. Daf HaKashrus is published by the Orthodox Union and edited by Rabbi Yosef Grossman, known to his colleagues as the ‘Father of the Daf.’

In Rabbi Genack’s words of introduction to the Daf’s Daf HaShana, the yearly compilation of the Daf, he said, “The Daf has served as our essential vehicle of communicating kashruth information and elucidating important current issues. The proper flow of information is at the core of a successful kashruth organization. The Daf has helped to integrate all of us who work for the OU into a unified organization, with a dedication to high standards through the dissemination of important…… information.”

Rabbi Yosef Wikler, Editor of the highly acclaimed Kashrus Magazine extended yeyasher kochachem to Rabbi Grossman and staff. “A tremendous achievement – a great issue. May Hashem grant you the strength to continue to educate kashrus professionals and kosher consumers for many years to come. The quality, depth, and honesty of Daf HaKashrus is unequaled (even in Kashrus Magazine).”

Daf HaKashrus is distributed to the OU’s kashrus staff throughout the world as well as to thousands of Rabbanim, Dayanim, Poskim, and educated kashrus consumers around the globe.  Daf HaShana is available in single-year copies as well as 5-year editions containing 5 years’ worth of the Daf HaKashrus. They are available in hardcover and by eDaf, free of charge. To subscribe, contact Grossman@ou.org.

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About OU Kosher

OU Kosher is the foremost authority in kosher certification on over 60 percent of America’s produced foods and beverages from the coveted Oreo to the thirst-quenching Coca-Cola. Over $150 billion of kosher certified products are consumed annually, and OU Kosher created the technology that enables global businesses to produce kosher products simply and seamlessly. OU Kosher’s global network of kosher experts helps our clients navigate the certification process, and find solutions that meet the needs of a variety of industries. OU Kosher’s trademark, immediately and universally enhances a product’s value, raising the perception of its quality, and increasing its marketability.

About the Orthodox Union

Founded in 1898, the Orthodox Union, (OU), serves as the voice of American Orthodox Jewry, with over 1,000 congregations in its synagogue network. The OU is best known for its kosher supervision, which today is a multinational operation that certifies over 1 million products manufactured in 73 countries. As the umbrella organization for American Orthodox Jewry, the OU is at the forefront of advocacy work on both state and federal levels, outreach to teenagers and young professionals through NCSY and Taglit-Birthright/Israel Free Spirit, and Yachad, the National Council for Jewish Disabilities, among many other divisions and programs.

Note to Media: Interviews as well as hard copies of Daf Hakashrus are available. Contact: Vicki Garfinkel, VICKIGJ PR, 973-519-8926, vickigj@gmail.com