OU West Coast Women’s Network To Resume Text Study This Fall

11 Aug 2008

Beginning September 8 and running twelve sessions until December 15, Mrs. Wiener will teach Melachim (Kings) II: The Death of Elisha, Man of God, on Monday mornings in a private home in the San Fernando Valley. This text-based course emphasizes Hebrew and Rashi skills and delves into the commentaries of Metzudat Zion, Radak, and Malbim among others.

Another course, Shmuel (Samuel) I: Love & Marriage in the Royal Family, will be held on Wednesday afternoons at Orthodox Union Headquarters at 9831 West Pico Blvd., running twelve sessions from September 3 through December 24. Women taking this class will increase their Hebrew reading and comprehension through careful study of the Metzudat Zion, Radak, and Malbim commentaries.

Mrs. Wiener is devoted to Torah studies and to strengthening Torah institutions of learning. She has been active in the day schools of Los Angeles. She currently serves as chair of the YULA (Yeshiva of Los Angeles) Parent Education Committee and is a member of the board of directors of YULA Boys’ and YULA Girls’ schools. She studied with Mrs. Shira Smiles and has been teaching Tanach since 1998 for Ashreinu and Neivot in addition to the Women’s Torah Network.

“The OU West Coast Region is pleased to support and encourage women’s Torah learning in our community. I watch with pride the enthusiastic participation of these women who come each week to learn from one of the master teachers in our community,” declare Rabbi Alan Kalinsky, Director of the OU West Coast Region. “Our center is proud to house this weekly Torah learning and we encourage those women who would enjoy a fabulous text oriented shiur to join this wonderful group of women who are learning l’shma,” he said.

The kick-off class at each location will be free to new students trying out Mrs. Wiener’s unique teaching style. The first two classes will be geared to the High Holidays to help get into the Yamim Noraim mode. The tuition for each class is $240.

For more information and to register call 310-229-9000×200 or email westcoast@ou.org.