OU West Coast Region Hosts First “Youth Professionals Summit” in LA, 3/13

03 Mar 2011


The Orthodox Union Karasick Department of Synagogue Services | Congregation Support Network in conjunction with the OU West Coast Office will be hosting a West Coast Regional Youth Professionals Summit on Sunday, March 13, from 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. at the Orthodox Union West Coast Headquarters in Los Angeles, 9831 West Pico Boulevard. Top-quality resources and presenters, including the keynote address by OU Executive Vice President, Emeritus, Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, will focus on strengthening the meaningful educational and spiritual experiences for youth, from tots to teens, in synagogues. The conference also allows exclusive networking opportunities with the Synagogue Services staff, NCSY | Jewish Youth Leadership staff, and other regional synagogue based youth professionals.

According to Rabbi Steven Burg, OU Managing Director and International Director of NCSY, “Very few synagogue youth directors serve the position full-time and may feel limited in their resources to network and develop programming devoted to quality Shabbat morning groups and other synagogue youth activities. The OU Department of Synagogue Services acts as the network for these professionals to share their best practices with each other, and to utilize their time most effectively and efficiently.”

According to Rabbi Adir Posy, Assistant Director of OU West Coast Community and Synagogue Services, “During this one day event, we will share expert advice, best practices and programming ideas that bring together the best of what we can offer to our next generation. It is our firm belief that youth programs are the lifeline of any shul’s future, and we hope that this event will enhance the participants’ ability to provide top notch services as well as help others in their growth.”

“Sessions will center around sharing programming ideas; learning about important laws and guidelines for working with youth; and understanding differing communal roles,” declared Penny Pazornick, Director of Youth Services and Project Coordinator of the OU Department of Synagogue Services. “The collaborative energy and excitement has brought forth many great ideas from conferences held on the East Coast, which, in turn, has further developed resources and networking tools to bring youth departments across America to the next level. We look forward what will be accomplished from our West Coast Summit.”

Rabbi Weinreb’s address will focus on “The Halachic and Psychological Importance of Youth Work,” followed by a Question and Answer session. He will be in Los Angeles for an official community-wide visit, beginning on Thurday, March 10 when he gives “The Rabbi Levi Meier Ph.D. Memorial Lecture” lunch presentation at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center; and serving as scholar-in-residence at Young Israel of North Beverly Hills for that Shabbat.

To register or for more information, email Rabbi Adir Posy at {encode=”mailto:posya@ou.org” title=”posya@ou.org”}, or call 310.229.9000, ext 200.

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