OU Torah Announces New Learning Program: One+One

14 May 2013


Just as when the Torah cycle ends on Simchat Torah another immediately begins, as one Torah-learning initiative concludes on the roster of Orthodox Union Torah education programs, another immediately takes its place. Therefore, as the Taryag analysis of the 613 mitzvot runs its course following Shavuot after a three-year, five day a week run on www.ou.org and via email, with the last mitzvah having been analyzed in detail by Rabbi Jack Abramowitz, editor of OU Torah, a new program, One+One, stands ready to replace it.

Also a project of Rabbi Abramowitz, One+One will feature one pasuk (Biblical verse) and one peirush (commentary) five days a week, distributed by email. (It will also be featured on the OU Torah web site, Rabbi Abramowitz says.) The verse will be chosen by him from Torah, Prophets or the Writings (Tanach), in no particular order, with commentary by Rashi, Ibn Ezra, Ramban, or the Talmud, among other sources. The program can run indefinitely, given the thousands of verses available for analysis.

“The commentaries will explore the deeper meaning of the verses. It could be something historical, something philosophical – it could be anything,” Rabbi Abramowitz explained. “They will provide independent and interesting Torah thoughts on a daily basis.”

In welcoming the program, OU Executive Vice President Rabbi Steven Weil said, “This project created and developed by Rabbi Jack Abramowitz will provide a different insight each and every day that makes available to the learner the eclectic nature of Torah study and the multi-faceted dimension of Tanach.”

To receive One+One via email, sign up at www.ou.org/torah/oneplusone.

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